The First Post


test test test… delete this! asdfasdfasdfasdfsdaf

I think this post is going swimmingly so far, don’t you?

Whoa! Where are my manners. *smooths out pajamas* Hello! I’m Brett, a twentysomething indie dev, currently working on my first indie release Linelight. This post is me popping the cherry of my first dev blog. *cork pop sfx* I’m still only a few months into being my own one-man (+one-puppy!) indie studio, and I’ve finally succumbed to admit that my experiences walking/traipsing/stumbling/faceplanting down this road could possibly be of benefit for others to read! Hey.

I feel alone on this journey more than I believe I actually am. As in I believe in my core that we’re all in this together, I am not alone (hooo not even close), but the last few months, I’ve been feeling increasingly isolated working alone in my dining room all day err day. My gut tells me that sharing my story is an adventurous, wholly unfamiliar, and fantastic next move. I thank my gut for its advice every day and every meal.

Another thing very much on my mind is… who is this blog for? Sure, it’s great for me to document hey it’s my journey choo choo woo woo, but who’s my audience? Heh, turn off the safety, because it’s time for some bullet points! *falls down a staircase*

This blog is for you if you want to…

  • Learn more about the game I’m making
  • Learn more about me and my oodles of personality dimensions
  • Learn A) What challenges I undergo, and B) How I deal with them
  • Experience the vicarious highs of a solo indie game dev
  • Experience the vicarious lows of a solo indie game dev
  • Have a sense of connection and involvement with me/my work
  • Read just some god-awful puns

Please Do Note: Just because I don’t know exactly what I’m doing now doesn’t mean I won’t have the hang of this in the future. Then again. Do we ever really know what we’re doing?

Stay beautiful.


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